Oil-Rubbed Floors

Oil-rubbed floors are quickly becoming a very popular choice for our customers. These wood floors have actually been common throughout Europe for centuries! Also known as “oil-finished” floors, they offer a vintage yet elegant look that enhances the natural beauty of the wood. You won’t believe your eyes when you experience the rustic, yet refined look of oil-rubbed floors. Drop by our showroom and let our Hodge Floors experts share a few samples with you.


Oil Rubbed Floors provide an old world look.

Hodge Floors sells oil rubbed floors for residential and commercial uses.

Oil Rubbed floors are highly durable and look great.

What makes them unique? At the factory level, the wood is conditioned with an oil finish that actually soaks deep into the grain and bonds with the wood particles, giving it a natural low-luster appeal. Overall, this creates a stronger wood plank that ages well and doesn’t dull easily. Additionally, because the oil penetrates so deeply into the wood itself, there is no surface layer to have to contend with, so surface scratches tend to blend in with the natural texture of the wood. Long-term, oil finishes can be refreshed quickly (vs. urethane finishes, which need to be stripped and reapplied).

At Hodge Floors, we have a variety of oil-finish tints, finishes and samples to choose from. Drop by and see what all of the oil-rubbed buzz is about!




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