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Summer Color

Summer Color

As school is back in session and the long lazy days of summer are growing to a close, the design team at Hodge Floors keeps looking for ways to capture the happiness of summer in our home decor. 

When we spotted this Gibson Sofa from Wesley Hall in a striking cobalt, we knew we had struck gold. I… read more

Written by Mia Hodge Thompson on August 24th 2016.
Posted in Hodge Insight

Carpets for Pet Owners

Carpets for Pet Owners

As a homeowner and pet owner, you may think carpets and pets don’t mix. But it turns out that you can have the beauty, warmth and durability of carpets while still having easy clean up from your pets’ accidents, hair and other stains. It’s all available on Shaw Floors’ new carpet collection. And Hod… read more

Written on August 8th 2016.

Pet Friendly Floors

Pet Friendly Floors

We love to love our four-legged friends. After all, over 40% of American homes have a dog living under the same roof (alt: woof!) Would you believe that pets are sometimes just as hard, if not harder on floors than their owners? Their scratch-loving nails and occasional “accidents” can wreak havoc o… read more

Written on July 15th 2016.
Posted in Flooring

New Hues for Hardwoods

When you think of hardwood floors, it’s often warm, auburn neutrals that come to mind. Now, a bold shift is on the horizon. New hues for hardwoods are including richer, darker tones, as well as lighter, “white washed” options.  It’s a brave new floor world…let’s learn more about your color options!

read more
Written on July 6th 2016.
Posted in Flooring

Get The Look

One of interior design’s most timeless resources are getting new life: nail head trims on furniture (and beyond!).


We must admit this image from Veranada jumped off the screen at us and our hearts skipped a beat. Designer Celerie Kemble has struck a cord: using nailheads… read more

Written on June 27th 2016.
Posted in Hodge Insight

Add Some Energy: Large-Scale Geometric Rugs

An otherwise simple room can get a burst of energy by simply adding a geometric rug. These bold, ever-moving patterns send the eye moving through a room, making it pop with energy.

Geometric rugs can be modern and clean, or more traditional and intricate. Patterns can be large and bold, or smalle… read more

Written on April 28th 2016.
Posted in Rugs

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