200+ Years of Expert Service

April 13th 2016
200+ Years of Expert Service

At Hodge Floors, our sales team is not a group of hourly retail workers punching the card each day. Quite the opposite. Our team is dedicated, passionate and committed to helping Spartanburg homes and businesses look their best.

In fact, our team has collectively been working for Hodge Floors for more than 200 years! That’s two centuries of experience available to help you find the best flooring, carpets, rugs and home furnishings.

Jamie Hodge joined the family business in 1977, and Mia joined him in 1987. Sales team member Patti started at Hodge when she was 24 years old, and we will let you do the math on this one (she might not be too happy if we posted her age on our blog). Every other employee has worked for Hodge Floors for 15-20 plus years. In fact, our newest employee, Sandra, has been with Hodge for only a decade. Our installation crews boast similar years of experience and service, providing skillful installations across the Upstate and beyond.

Hodge Floors is not a big box store. We’re a local, family-owned company staffed by people who are knowledgeable, friendly and dedicated. Come visit our showroom today to see how our experience can make a difference for you.

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