A Window into Floors of the Future: Floorigami

April 3rd 2017
A Window into Floors of the Future: Floorigami

In the world of origami, there are infinite creative possibilities that bring paper to life.

In the world of flooring...there are often just as many options to choose from! The decisions you make set the tone for the look and feel of your home.

What if you had the ability to blend surfaces to fit the moment you are living in?

Hodge Floors is proud to announce the upcoming arrival of Floorigami. This curated collection of modular flooring will give you the ability to mix and match floor surfaces to create the perfect fit for your decor. That means hard floors and soft carpets can exist side by side, at the same level, allowing a fluid and unified look for your entire home.

With a wide array of geometric combinations slated to arrive later this year, there are no boundaries and no limits to the look that you can create for your home. Want to change out a geometric pattern for something solid? No problem. With the flexible pattern and “roll-out” design of Floorigami, there is no commitment to just one look.

The end result? A consistently beautiful, neutral foundation for your home.

Stop in to the Hodge Floors showroom to see how you can unroll the possibilities of Floorigami.

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