Commercial Flooring - Q&A with Jamie Hodge

Jamie Hodge  |  June 14th 2017
Commercial Flooring - Q&A with Jamie Hodge

Curious about your commercial flooring options? We’re shedding light on a few commonly asked questions about the commercial landscape, new technological developments, and the wide array of flooring choices that are surfacing in this rapidly-changing sector.

Overall, how is the commercial flooring industry growing and changing?

With the improving economy, the commercial sector is rapidly growing as corporations and institutions are investing in new facilities. We are seeing increased activity in the corporate, healthcare and education markets. The commercial flooring market is also introducing new products with the advent of LVT and new plank type carpet tiles. The design possibilities are endless.

What three factors should a business consider when choosing commercial flooring?

Aesthetics, budget and durability. Each business will have different needs, and will weigh these factors individually.

When owning vs: renting your commercial space, what factors should you consider?

These are economic factors that each business will have to determine based on their own particular situation. However we do find that businesses that own their space will generally invest in better quality and longer lasting floor coverings.

For spaces requiring noise and sound insulation, what are some good options?

Carpet is always the clear choice for noise reduction. However there are new Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) products that are specially engineered to decrease noise transmission. In fact we are using a Milliken LVT in the new AC Hotel for that very reason.

For high traffic environments like hospitals, retail stores or large open spaces, what are the best options that still offer a unique look but are easy to clean?

The LVT category is a sought-after product at the moment, because of the breadth of colors and patterns that are available at very attractive price points. Additionally, it’s easy to maintain which is a real plus.

Schools meet the needs of all of the above (noise insulation, high traffic), but with its own set of variables. What are some good options for classrooms, gyms, etc?

The education market has really moved from the drab industrial school grade carpet and vinyl composition tile (VCT) to the more attractive carpet tile and LVT floors. These new products offer excellent performance and ease of maintenance. The new schools being built in Spartanburg District Seven will feature these new type floors. Not only will they look stunning, they will be easier and less expensive to maintain.

Are wood floors a good option for commercial spaces?

The pre-finished engineered floors of today are well suited for all but the harshest of commercial environments. The colors, textures and sizes available are amazing. We just installed a beautiful 10” wide grey plank floor in the lobby of the Olsen Building at Sherman Chiropractic College. It looks awesome.

On the green-alternative front, some corporations may seek to certify flooring products for compliance with indoor air quality emission requirements or other green-ideals. What are some options in this category?

Most commercial floor products today are Floor Score certified. Additionally many are using recycled content. Carpet, LVT, sheet vinyl, rubber, cork and bamboo are examples of environmentally friendly flooring products.

What are some out-of-the-box, innovative commercial flooring examples that you are seeing in the commercial flooring landscape?

We are excited to be installing 75,000 sf of sheet rubber flooring in the new Patient Pavilion at Spartanburg Regional. Rubber is inherently quiet, safe and slip resistant, and is low maintenance. And being pliable, we are able to run it 6” up the wall to create a sterile and easy to clean floor.

To learn more about your commercial flooring options, reach out to us at Hodge Floors. We partner with some of the largest corporations and business sectors in the upstate, and would love the opportunity to serve you and your business.

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