Empty Nesters

Mia Hodge Thompson  |  October 7th 2021

Today, a crisp morning reminds me that fall is indeed in the air.

The kids are back in school and football is in full swing.

In our house, there is a new kind of quiet as this season changes, the kind that says “empty nesters” live here. 


It’s an odd feeling this “empty nester” thing. For decades we wrap our every decision into our kids’ lives, their schedules, needs and ups and downs. And suddenly, after all this time, this next stage of life, well, it’s here!

Perhaps you can relate? Or if you’re not at the empty nester stage yet, this blog could provide a glimmer into the future. A reminder about how fast life moves, and that one day you might get to sleep through the night again! Glory!

Our family is growing this season as well. I can remember so well. It feels like just yesterday we were children spending summers at the lake. The photo above is of Jamie on the boat with our Dad and Mom around 1958. Treasuring each moment. Below are Jamie and his son on the boat in 1988. And now, Jamie has become a grandfather and has a grandson! It is only a matter of time we can add another boat photo to our family moments. We definitely see a pattern here!

Speaking of treasuring each moment, this empty nester phase is an ideal time to do the things we’ve been wanting to do for...decades! For me, that’s travel. Recently, we took a trip to Ireland and it felt wonderful to get out and explore again! Ireland and its coast are breathtaking!  

So, from our family to yours, here’s to a season of new beginnings, growing families, and getting out of our comfort zones!

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