Enjoy the season

December 18th 2017
Enjoy the season

Here at Hodge, we just love the holiday season ... the lights, the music, and the sense of magic that stirs up fond childhood memories. But each year, we find the holidays can also bring their fair share of logistical challenges. Between the parties, gift-giving, and the Christmas cards we just can’t seem to get out early enough each year. It can feel like a never-ending cycle that leaves little time to relax and truly absorb the holiday spirit.

Recently we learned of a few simple tips that can help you more effectively manage your time this holiday season.

Holiday Survival Tip #1: Get out your calendar and prioritize.

Map out all of your social functions, gatherings, parties, shopping & shipping deadlines, etc. We know that events can often overlap, so don’t hesitate to prioritize what’s most important. Making a decision about what events to attend means a few less things to worry about this season. Also, if a “to-do” task feels too large, consider breaking it down into bite-size pieces. Dedicating a few hours each week to a big “to-do” can help it feel more manageable.

Holiday Survival Tip #2: Create a holiday “fun” list.

A holiday “fun list” is a list of must-do’s that are important to you this season. Perhaps it’s going ice skating with your family, donating to a local food bank, going Christmas Caroling, taking a trip to see local holiday lights, or watching your favorite Christmas movie. Whatever yours are, jot them down and enjoy the thrill of making your list and checking it twice ... plus the satisfaction of crossing it off your list once you’ve experienced it.

Holiday Survival Tip #3: Be present in whatever you are doing.

While it can sound simple, being present during the holidays can be one of the hardest things to do. However, if you have planned out your holiday events and “fun list” to-do’s, take a moment to know that this was what you prioritized for yourself and really live in that moment. All of the other “stuff” can wait until, say, the New Year! We find when you set your mind to something, it’s easier to really enjoy it than if you’re running around trying to keep up with the chaos of the season.

Here at Hodge, we want to wish you a warm and wonderful season filled with the blessings of family and friends, and a bit more time to be present and enjoy true spirit of the holidays.

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