Facing the Storms of Life

Mia Hodge Thompson  |  March 4th 2021
Facing the Storms of Life

It’s been a year…to say the least.

Often it feels like a storm that just won’t quit.

With this mix of emotions and pandemic forecasts, it’s easy to want to tuck yourself in a corner and just wait it out. This is exactly what our pup, Bennett, did recently during a rare winter thunderstorm. He perched himself right between the toilet and tub to hide and wait it out. He was so sweet, we had to snap a pic and then give him a big hug!

Like Bennett, we can relate to hunkering down this last year.

In the last twelve months, we all have been forced to pause, but in that stillness, we have had time to refocus on home, our beloved families and pets as we wait out the storm. At Hodge Floors, we’ve seen wonderful examples of this in our own community. The Mary Black Foundation Rail Trail outside our store is enjoyed and appreciated more than ever before. We’ve reconnected with old friends over Zoom refreshments:

Ina Gartner’s Cosmopolitan

Stanley Tucci’s Negroni


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We’ve cooked and cooked and cooked, and we’ve felt so grateful to have homes we love to cook in! Some of us have re-discovered going on bike rides, reminding us of our childhoods with the wind blowing in our faces.

All of this is to say, using uncertain times for good and personal growth is beneficial to us all.

So here’s to looking ahead, from our Hodge Floors family to yours, we send you our best wishes to remember like Bennett, sunny days are ahead! We hope to see you on the trail or in our showroom soon!

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