Hangar B Ball

August 29th 2017
Hangar B Ball

One of our favorite fall events is right around the corner. Hosted by the Spartanburg Regional Foundation, the “Hangar B Ball” is an annual fall tradition held at the Spartanburg Airport’s Hangar B. It’s a night filled with music, great food, and a cause that’s very close to our hearts.

We are proud to be annual sponsors of this exciting event, with this year’s proceeds going toward Spartanburg Regional’s mission of saving lives by providing access to critical training as well as the purchase and donation of additional AED’s for our community. AEDs are portable, automated external defibrillators that can restore a normal rhythm to a heart after it suddenly stops beating.

It’s inspiring to think about how many more lives might be saved because of this event.

This year “Party on The Moon” will provide heart-pumping entertainment throughout the night. Tickets are on sale now: (https://regionalfoundation.com/events/hangar-b/).

We hope to see you at Hangar B!


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