Hodge Floors: The Early Days

Jamie Hodge  |  February 24th 2020
Hodge Floors: The Early Days

Looking back on 55 years of Hodge Floors, we are reflecting on generations past. The origins of our family-owned business began almost a century ago with our grandfather and his dream.

In the 1920’s, Charles B. Hodge was a merchant in Brooklyn. He decided to move his wife and five children to South Carolina, hoping to give them a better life. They moved into a bungalow in Spartanburg, and one can imagine it was quite a transition from the bustling city life they were accustomed to. Getting to town wasn’t easy for our rural citizens, so Charlie used a horse-drawn buggy to go to them. He would ride all over Spartanburg County selling dry goods and supplies. We sometimes still hear stories from customers who remember their grandparents’ tales of Charlie coming to their farm to sell his wares.

During the Great Depression, our grandfather used the family savings that he had faithfully stored under his mattress. Because of his frugal foresight, his business survived and Hodge Dry Goods remained a fixture on North Church Street until the mid 1950’s.

His story is very much woven in the fabric of Hodge Floors and family businesses everywhere. His American dream to own his business, sell needed goods, and have fellowship in his community is inspiring. While our company has certainly evolved from its early horse and buggy days, the mission is still the same and we are grateful to our grandfather, Charlie, for his perseverance and vision.

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