Summer Reflections & Back to School

Jamie Hodge  |  August 17th 2018
Summer Reflections & Back to School

As summer nears to a close and thoughts of school peek around the corner, we find ourselves feeling rested and recharged. Whether you have been hiking in our nearby mountains or enjoying time with family at a lake or beach, we hope you have experienced a time to relax, make memories and are now ready for what’s next….Back to School!

Here in our hometown community this year, we welcome the new Drayton Elementary School. If you have the chance, take the time to go see it. It is truly an amazing place…and don’t forget to look at all of the stunning floors! (Hint Hint)

Before we know it, routines will back in place and homes will be filled with the sounds of kids scampering into the kitchen craving an after-school snack. If you’re craving a way to get ahead of this busy time, the team at Hodge Floors can help to get your home “fall-ready.” Whatever the need, from flooring to rugs to furniture, our Hodge Floors family can lead the way! So here’s to great memories of a summer of fun and best wishes for a Happy Fall!

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