Summer Wishes 2019

Mia Hodge Thompson  |  June 26th 2019
Summer Wishes 2019

We’ve all had that one thing that we wished for. A shiny new bike, a trip to Disney World, or perhaps in our later years, it was a shiny new car. Wishes can also come in other forms – wishing for good health, safety for our families, and opportunities for success.

As we look at our community, we are so inspired to see the incredible development and innovative opportunities that are happening in Spartanburg. New restaurants, businesses, retail and most importantly, opportunities for community connectedness through festivals, walkable streets and parks and recreation. So much has changed in so many positive ways for greater Spartanburg in the last decade that we can only wish for continued longevity for these opportunities for the future.

What’s your summer wish? From our Hodge Floors family to yours…we wish you a happy, healthy summer filled with fun Spartanburg memories!

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