This Summer: Bring your Indoor Décor...Outside!

May 25th 2017


It’s the perfect time to sip on a sparkling glass of lemonade while eyeing your blooming begonias. But have you found that your outdoor furniture just does not feel as comfortable as your indoor upholstered furniture?

How about bringing the comfort of indoor seating....right outside?

At Hodge, we love the comfort and quality of our Kingsley-Bate line of outdoor furniture. Featured in home décor magazines and fine hotels around the globe, Kingsley-Bate is known for their substantial quality, from the ever so comfy Chelsea Teak Swivel Rocker manufactured from Grade A Teak, to their Sag Harbor collection of premium woven wicker with sweeping sophisticated lines. Kingley-Bate is designed with elegant comfort in mind, providing the ultimate in outdoor relaxation.

Add a few throw pillows atop one of their custom chair cushions, and you’re ready to soak up the beauty of summer like never style!

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