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Elegant, Thoughtful Setting

House Beautiful’s September issue featured the magazine’s “Kitchen of the Year” - an innovative and beautiful transitional space designed by Matthew Quinn. Imagine our excitement as we caught sight of photos depicting the adjoining great room. The elegant and thoughtful setting is one of the mos… read more

Written on December 16th 2016.

Experiment with unexpected pairings

Suzanne Kasler has a way of thrilling us time and time again. And Veranda’s feature on one of her latest projects in a 1990s Georgian-style home is no exception. Kasler’s choices are, of course, traditional, but somehow also contemporary, relaxed and inviting. The end result makes almost everyone fe… read more

Written on November 15th 2016.
Posted in Hodge Insight

Partnering with Upward Star Center

Partnering with Upward Star Center

The range of expertise and products available at Hodge Floors goes beyond hardwoods and carpet for your home. Our work can be seen throughout Upstate South Carolina in homes, yes, but also in schools, large and small businesses— and even sports facilities. In 2014, Hodge Floors was honored to serve … read more

Written on October 19th 2016.
Posted in Flooring

Hodge Floors is Excited to Contribute to a New Landmark

Hodge Floors is Excited to Contribute to a New Landmark

For over 50 years, the Hodge family has owned and run our local business in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the city we call home. From our first storefront as Hodge Dry Goods to today’s Hodge Floors, we’ve proudly been a part of Spartanburg’s history, its changes, and its growth. Hodge Floors’ product… read more

Written on October 11th 2016.

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