Adding a Solid Foundation to a Thriving Academy

September 6th 2019
Adding a Solid Foundation to a Thriving Academy

When Meeting Street Academy asked us to add colorful child-friendly flooring to their school’s expansion, we were absolutely thrilled to support this thriving school. Even though students were on summer break, you could still feel the contagious energy of this unique and vibrant learning center.

Meeting Street Academy CASE STUDY

Meeting Street is a private school geared towards under-resourced families in Spartanburg who want the best education possible for their children. Spearheaded by the Johnson family and other private donors, Meeting Street’s defining principle is that “a child’s education shouldn’t be based on zip code they live in.”

Principle Rain Hackler shares that “traits like grit, self-control and hope” are nurtured daily, and each child is encouraged to dream big and hone good habits. The school has seen tremendous success in both test scores and student engagement.

For the expansion project, we chose flooring colors that would inspire, designs that would surprise, and materials that would stand up to the pitter patter of eager learners over many years to come.

Colorful Classroom Flooring New Carpet
Flooring for Large Spaces Patterned Carpet
Hallway Flooring Colorful Hallway Flooring with Shapes and Designs
Colorful Hallway Flooring
Bathroom Flooring

We love this school, and we love the opportunities that it’s providing to our city’s future leaders. Thanks Meeting Street Academy for giving us the opportunity to partner with your growing, thriving school.

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