Eco-friendly flooring made simple!

September 19th 2017
Eco-friendly flooring made simple!

Today’s eco-conscious consumers are craving healthier choices at every turn. From what they put in their bodies, to how they choose to decorate their homes – modern consumers are showing that the natural lifestyle is here to stay. In line with this shift to more eco-friendly products, Hodge Floors, offers a wide array of environmentally conscious flooring choices.

Let’s start with eco-friendly carpet choices. At Hodge Floors, we feature Shaw’s “Anso Nylon Carpet Collection,” which offers superior durability manufactured from recycled yarn.

Anso Nylon | Anso Colorwall

Nylon carpets made from recycled yarn are an eco-friendly way to keep plenty of style underfoot.

Perhaps you prefer the look or feel of wood floors, but aren’t sure about their sustainability or origin. To help you marry your style with your eco-values, Hodge Floors features a wide array of green hard-surface options.

Popular renewable options like bamboo or cork both offer eco-friendly credentials. Not only do these woods regenerate rapidly, they are rated just as hard as many traditional hardwoods. Cork floors are made from the waste of wine-stopper manufacturing. In addition to being durable, cork produces a cushioned feel and acts as a sound reducer in your home. Bamboo floors are not only sustainable and incredibly durable, they’re also moisture-resistant.

Floorte Laminate | Repel Collection

The classic look of hardwood floors can be updated in fresh new colors, textures and eco-friendly materials, like these laminate floors from Shaw.

Another environmentally friendly, long-lasting flooring choice is laminate. The Shaw water proof Repel Collection, with its patented locking technology that secures flooring panels on all four sides, doesn’t require the use of glue! These stylish floors offer a great way to capture the exotic look of hardwood’s wood grain designs, or you can opt for the sleek design of stone or natural tile. Being waterproof, these laminate floors are ideal for busy families and are available in a variety of colors and styles.

Finally, if true hardwood floors are your must-have – opt for our prefinished engineered hardwood options. Check out those click options to eliminate glue Underfoot, can be au naturelle….

Stop by to see us at Hodge Floors and let us help you make the right eco-friendly flooring choice for your home!

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