Helping Newlyweds get started on the right Footing

July 24th 2017
Helping Newlyweds get started on the right Footing

Congratulations! Wedding bells have rung and you are still on a high from your magical day. Time to officially start your new life together!

You’ve found a place that you want to call home, and now it’s time to start making choices about how it will look and feel. Sometimes, this can feel like an overwhelming task. With any home, the best place to start is right under your feet.

Choosing the right flooring for your home can depend on a lot of factors such as design, décor, lifestyle and your budget. Start by asking yourselves a few questions:

  1. What kind of look and feel do we want for each room in your new home? Cozy and warm, bright and cheerful, or cool and contemporary? Think: color, pattern, texture when working through the look you want to create.
  2. What kind of materials are you envisioning for each room (carpet, wood, laminate, tile, ceramic, etc). All you’ll need is a big picture idea. (You can lean on the experts to help guide your options.)
  3. Next: think practically for each room. You wouldn’t want to add hardwood flooring to your new bathroom. Better options include luxury vinyl tile (LVT).
  4. Think about your lifestyle now, and in the future. Do you plan to have children? Perhaps add a pet to the family? Do you or your partner have any allergy concerns? Thinking long-term is an important step when considering flooring choices.
  5. Lastly, have an honest discussion about your budget. Consider the life expectancy of the floor in conjunction with your own lifestyle.

With so much merging of “his and hers”, taking a little time to think through your collective style, budget and lifestyle is an important first step when choosing flooring.

At Hodge Floors, we’ll help create a plan to bring your vision to life. We’ll help you easily understand and visualize flooring options for your new home. For us, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as knowing we’re helping give newlyweds a great foundation for their new life together!

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