New from the Shaw Convention: Hardwoods with a nod to nature.

May 1st 2017

New from the Shaw Convention this year: Anderson introduces stunning new hardwoods that blend innovative engineering with a nod to the natural world.

Hodge Floors will feature a spectacular new collection of Anderson floors that are visually stunning with a focus on details. Pamela Rainey, vice president of Hard Surface Product Design for Shaw Floors and Anderson notes, “We are seeing a more organic approach to showing the character of the wood. …Boards are less uniform and there is a greater color contrast in the grain and between the boards.”

This new collection includes minimal applied distressing and decreased saw marks. In turn, the natural character of the wood, including its grain, knots and splits, is revealed. One Anderson product in particular, “The Fired Artistry” style, was inspired by a Japanese tradition of charring wood to preserve it. Next, the wood is cleaned and the heritage of the grain becomes more visible.

Developed by skilled artisan craftsmen, these Anderson floors bring the natural world right into your home. We invite you to stop into Hodge Floors to experience the timeless beauty of this new collection.

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