Oil-Finished Floors Provide Natural Elegance

October 22nd 2018
Oil-Finished Floors Provide Natural Elegance

Natural and vintage: two “looks” that our customers request on a very regular basis. One way to achieve this look is with the increasingly popular look of European Oak Floors.

Also known as oil-finished or oil-rubbed floors, these warm, elegant floors are common throughout Europe. Hard wax oil finishes are unique because they enhance the natural beauty of the wood floor. What’s more, the oil finish actually soaks deep into the wood grain and bonds with the wood particles, giving it a natural, low-luster appeal. Overall this creates a stronger wood plank that ages well and doesn’t dull easily.

Additionally, because the oil penetrates so deeply into the wood itself, there is no surface layer to have to contend with should your dog’s nails (or a kid's toy, or dragging furniture) scratch the surface. Any surface scratches tend to blend in with the natural texture of the wood.

So, if you’re looking for an Old World feel, European Oak oil-rubbed floors are a perfect fit. With so many benefits, there’s no wonder the natural beauty of oil-rubbed floors has become such a sought-after look in today’s homes. Stop by Hodge Floors to check out a wide range of finishes and samples ... and see if oil-rubbed floors might be right for you!

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