Pet Friendly Floors

July 15th 2016
Pet Friendly Floors

We love to love our four-legged friends. After all, over 40% of American homes have a dog living under the same roof (alt: woof!) Would you believe that pets are sometimes just as hard, if not harder on floors than their owners? Their scratch-loving nails and occasional “accidents” can wreak havoc on certain floors. Let’s take a look at some high quality, durable options that can allow you and your floors to live in harmony with man’s best friend.

Vinyl: Often referred to as resilient flooring, it’s one of the most durable options that we offer. It’s actually scratch resistant, plus it’s comfortable, flexible and stands up to lots of activity. Any pet accidents can be quickly wiped up. Our favorite feature particularly of luxury vinyl, is the soft “give” it provides, so pets walk across the floor, the sound will not be as loud.

Linoleum: Linoleum floors are also excellent pet-friendly options. They’re easy to clean and water resistant. Plus, linoleum is antimicrobial which is yet another benefit when you have pets in the home. Due to the manufacturing process of linoleum, scratches barely show up due to it’s consistent “surface to floor” look.

Cork: Providing a durable wood-look, this antimicrobial floor choice also produces a more cushioned contact for pet nails. While it isn’t completely scratch-resistant due to its finish, choosing a lighter shade will help hide any scratches that may appear.

Bamboo: When it comes to pet friendly floors, we heart bamboo! Rated even harder than Red Oak, bamboo is incredibly durable. It is also moisture and stain resistant, as well as environmentally friendly and sustainable! If you are choosing between hardwood and vinyl flooring, bamboo is a great compromise.

Hardwoods: Hardwoods are beautiful, and sometimes a must even if you have pets in your home. Our recommendation: keep your pet’s nails trimmed, and coat your floors with a high quality urethane to make them more scratch resistant. Should you have a “pet piddle” on the floor, there are no guarantees that a quick cleanup will remove the stain when it comes to hardwood surfaces. Often moisture can seep into the wood and you may have to strip, stain and refinish the wood. While a beautiful, hardwoods are not the best option for homes with pets.

*As the case with any floors and pets, be sure to sweep and clean your floors once a week for best results!


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