Pet & Life-Friendly Flooring

April 18th 2019
Pet & Life-Friendly Flooring

We walk, dance, and crawl on them. We spill, scuff and then wipe them clean. Our floors not only support our daily life, they also make a beautiful statement when you walk into a room. So, for all of these reasons and more, choosing the right floor for your home is an important choice.

But what kind of flooring is right for you? Whether you’re an empty-nester or a family of four with a few furry friends, we know everyone’s needs are different. Here we’ll highlight choices for “everything-proof floors.” These are the floors that stand up to anything that life throws its way, from pets to crawling babies…and almost every spill, stain and scratch in between.

Let’s start with carpets. Comforting and soft underfoot, carpets warm up any space. To combat stains, Shaw Floors offers a R2X stain-resistance technology that shields your carpet from below the surface all the way up to the top of each fiber. Shaw also offers a LifeGuard Spill-proof Backing that keeps spills and odor-causing pet accidents from ever reaching the pad or subfloor. Now that’s worry-free stain resistance!

Perhaps you love the look of hardwood floors. Today’s engineered, high performance hardwoods are designed with enhanced durability features, like aluminum oxide these floors offer a double-dose of beauty and durability. They enhance the look (and value) of your home.

Now let’s talk Luxury Vinyl Tile. As an alternative to natural wood, tile and stone surfaces, LVT adds an additional layer of resistance because it’s covered with a layer of heavy vinyl film. This protects the floor from everyday scuffs and scratches. We love the waterproof LVT options from Cortec and Shaw, featuring waterproof planks that won’t warp or buckle no matter how saturated they get.

At Hodge Floors, we have the latest styles and choices of durable, everything-proof floors. Drop by and visit one of our experienced floor consultants to find the best choice for your home.

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