Hodge Floors Summer Sightings

Mia Hodge Thompson  |  June 12th 2023
Hodge Floors Summer Sightings

Ahhh summer! We’re so glad this sunny season is finally here. Families with school-age kids surely will hit the beach or the lake. Wherever you may go, we hope you can recharge with friends and family.

Here at Hodge Floors, it certainly is shaping up to be a busy summer season. Here are highlights of community and education projects in the works.

Spartanburg County Courthouse Project

Hodge Floors is in the beginning stages of installation at the new Spartanburg County courthouse. This 340,000 square foot courthouse will consolidate activities that were previously in separate locations. The new courthouse will have 17 courtrooms, one hearing room, jury assembly and deliberation rooms, as well as room to grow into new spaces in the future.

Hodge Floors is thrilled to be working on this project. We’ll continue to share more about this project as our work progresses!

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Schools Schools Schools!

Abner Creek Academy, Arcadia Elementary School, Broome High School, Cowpens Elementary School, Pacolet Elementary School and Spartanburg Day School—now that is a lot of school projects this summer!

Our friends at Harper Construction are building a beautiful new school for Spartanburg School District 5: Abner Creek Academy. Flooring installation is now underway! Stay tuned!

Soon we will begin a District 6 project at Arcadia Elementary with our friends at Clayton Construction. And by July, sightings of our Hodge Floors crews will be at Spartanburg Day School.

After the excitement last summer of completing three schools in six weeks for Spartanburg County School District Three, Hodge Floors is proud to be working on floors again this summer for final areas at both Broome High School, Cowpens Elementary and Pacolet Elementary School.

To learn more about other school miracles that we’ve pulled off over summers past, check out this blog: Hodge Floors District 3 Miracle!

Well friends, we wish you all a happy summer! We value our community and are grateful to work in this wonderful place we call home—Spartanburg.

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