Add Some Energy: Large-Scale Geometric Rugs

April 28th 2016

An otherwise simple room can get a burst of energy by simply adding a geometric rug. These bold, ever-moving patterns send the eye moving through a room, making it pop with energy.

Geometric rugs can be modern and clean, or more traditional and intricate. Patterns can be large and bold, or smaller and repeating. Geometric patterns can even appear only on rug borders. This means rooms of almost any design style can incorporate geometric patterns to add energy and interest.

Feeling bold? Add a full area rug in a repeating geometric print to make an entire room hum. A rug of only two or three colors makes a more modern statement; colorful rugs are more playful.

Want some energy, but not a whole room of it? Bring geometric pattern into a smaller space by adding a floor runner. This Loloi Adler runner cheerfully offsets a reading nook in an otherwise warm and calm room.

Not ready to commit? And if you just want to dip your toes into this trend, a geometric pillow can add some fun without a full-room commitment.

Visit Hodge Floors to see a wide range of geometric rugs and find the perfect one for your space.

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