Custom Steps: The Often Overlooked Must-Have

27  |  January 12th 2018
Custom Steps: The Often Overlooked Must-Have

It’s often thought that a home’s foyer is the most important feature for setting the tone of a home. However, focusing on your stairwell can make an even stronger visual impact when you walk in.

One way to enhance this area is with a custom step installation. Designing and creating custom stairs is just that: custom. At Hodge Floors, we are proud to be known as THE carpet company in the Upstate that excels at custom step installations and all things custom.

Carpet on steps offer a variety of benefits. For starters, comfort under foot and a non-skid surface are a must as an additional safety element by providing family members and pets a less slippery journey up and down the staircase. And while trips on bare hardwood stairs can sometimes be clunky and noisy...carpet on steps quiets noise in the home as family members journey up and down.

But your stairs can draw attention the moment you open the front door. With a custom step installation with a beautiful pattern carpet, your eye is drawn to the inviting warmth that a custom stair runner offers. Not only does it add impact to a staircase, it can also be the visual piece that ties together your flooring, rugs and other design elements.

If you are looking for a warm, inviting way to add a custom, aesthetically beautiful touch to your home (plus provide a bit more safety and noise reduction), stop by to see us at Hodge Floors.

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