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Hangar B Ball

Hangar B Ball

One of our favorite fall events is right around the corner. Hosted by the Spartanburg Regional Foundation, the “Hangar B Ball” is an annual fall tradition held at the Spartanburg Airport’s Hangar B. It’s a night filled with music, great food, and a cause that’s very close to our hearts.

We are pr… read more

Written on August 29th 2017.
Posted in Hodge Insight

Helping Newlyweds get started on the right Footing

Helping Newlyweds get started on the right Footing

Congratulations! Wedding bells have rung and you are still on a high from your magical day. Time to officially start your new life together!

You’ve found a place that you want to call home, and now it’s time to start making choices about how it will look and feel. Sometimes, this can feel like an… read more

Written on July 24th 2017.
Posted in Flooring

My Favorite Part of Home.

My Favorite Part of Home.

I have the privilege of living in the family home where I grew up. At any given moment, I can recall fond memories from every corner of the house. But coming from a big family, most of my earliest memories always centered around family gatherings and of course…a huge meal. I can vividly remember wat… read more

Written by Mia Hodge Thompson on June 26th 2017.

Commercial Flooring - Q&A with Jamie Hodge

Commercial Flooring - Q&A with Jamie Hodge

Curious about your commercial flooring options? We’re shedding light on a few commonly asked questions about the commercial landscape, new technological developments, and the wide array of flooring choices that are surfacing in this rapidly-changing sector.

Overall, how is the commercial flooring… read more

Written by Jamie Hodge on June 14th 2017.
Posted in Flooring | Hodge Insight

One chair…a world of inspiration.

Walking through the Wesley Hall High Point Showroom last month, something stopped us in our tracks. It was a chair, but not just any chair. This little “design diva” positively popped with charm.

We had to take a moment to absorb why this accent piece was so captivating.

First, this classi… read more

Written on June 5th 2017.
Posted in Hodge Insight

This Summer: Bring your Indoor Décor...Outside!


It’s the perfect time to sip on a sparkling glass of lemonade while eyeing your blooming begonias. But have you found that your outdoor furniture just does not feel as comfortable as your indoor upholstered furniture?

How about bringing the comfort of indoor seating....right … read more

Written on May 25th 2017.
Posted in Hodge Insight

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